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    Mini Hornit

    1. Can fit on all kinds of children bike and scooters.

    2. 25 differents sounds can be shifted. The kids love them. They are: bell sound, hooter, racing cars, helicopter, laser, UFO, lion, elephant and horse etc.

    3. Increase the funny for children's riding and make them love cycling.

    4. Three levels volumn adjustable. Loud, Medium and low. (90db to 75db).

    5. Horn with light functions. White and green beam. Steady and flashing style. More safety for at nightfall and evening.

    6. Wings can be attached to all kinds of handle bar easily.

    7. With remote trigger, easy reach. Can be operated while braking. 

    8. Dimension :96mm(l) x 44mm(w) x 36mm(h)

    9.2 AAA batteries are included.

    10.Weight:92g(include all accessories and batteries)

    11. For the children from 3-10 years old

    12. Black, red, purple and blue colors avaialble.









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